Train going to Becherovka collects lost items. When finishes, it must go out with output gate.

This game is based on DOS game Train, which I created before 16 years and which become unexpectedly very popular.

(Created for Becherovka Lemond Game 2009 competition)


Run the game online (267 KB, flash swf)

Download the game (1.3 MB, formats: flash swf, html and Windows exe)

Download source code (1.2 MB, created in Macromedia Flash 8 Pro trial)




Older variants of the game:

DOS version 1.00 (12 KB)

Source code of version 1.00 (75 KB, assembler)
(program should be packed up using programs
ProComp and Poj)

DOS version 2.00 - Kit with possibility of scene editation (25 KB)

Source code of version 2.00 (64 KB, assembler)

DOS version 2.01 - BAT loader of version 2.00 is supplemented with
videovard detection, but it does not work under Window (31 KB)

Windows version 2.10 (218 KB, created in the Peter program,
the game is in source format)


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